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Recruiting for LEGION!!

Korppa / Aug 22, 2016
SSC Crew is back and recruiting!

Raid times; 19:00 – 23:00 Server time //
Raid days; Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday //

We are looking for; Ranged DPS - especially Locks.

Exceptional players should always apply if interested! We will recruit anyone who looks like they have potential to fight for their spot.

What we want from you;
- Good raid attendance, we are all adults, we understand life happens
- Previous experience from Mythic progress raiding
- In-depth knowledge of your class (+basic simC usage/knowledge recommended)
- When you turn up, turn up. We run social hours and a fun atmosphere, but the players in the guild have consistently been in high tier guilds, and are just playing to relax now, it isn’t relaxing if they try and you don’t
- Come prepared and have a laugh :D

What we can offer you;
- Strong core, looking to welcome more to it
- People with high skill both in PvE & PvP and an exceptional knowledge of their class
- Competitive raiding environment with a chill atmosphere
- Usual story of combined raid history for longer than your nans lifetime
- Good community, with good humour, you will need to be able to take a joke
- Equality, the council do not favor their friends and we work towards the overall best of the raid


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