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Submitted on: Oct 23, 2016 at 03:28 AM
Race and Class
Troll Druid






Advanced Armory Link of the Character you are applying with
A picture of your UI in a RAID enviroment
Do you have a working Microphone? ( Can you communicate well in English when needed)

of course

Releavent past raiding experience

Im a vanilla player myself you can understand cause of the age in TBC not much was made in hardcore way that is. old school dungeons and heroics karazhan raid clear, magistera terrace clear, in lich king expansion i was not so hard core i cleared the content slowly but the hc verion went down as a mage back then and rogue.
Moving into cata main fire mage of my guild in kazzak again back then if not mistaken was one of the top 5 cleared everything with mage and rogue on hc in not time.
pandaria was a love for me made a warr tankaswell everyhting cleared aswell in mythic all classes.was grindy but fun! so have alot of experience there.
Draenor i only played the 1st 2 raids in mythic clear i took a break in the 3RD
and coming to legion i am currently 7/7 - 1/7 mythic hc few more tries on mythic bosses. I dont think i forgot something but mostly i played hardcore clearing for all expansions exception of the last one.

Previous Guilds and why did you leave them

From burning crusade all the way through going to Draenor i was in a guild but they have stopped playing as a guild everyone went to their own path they had no interest in the game anymore. that's the main reason. And also if you make a commitment in a game like in the real life, i want to take a full taste and hard work you have to give in like my job to get the best of it.

What would you think your attendance % will be


Why did you choose SSC CREW?

I wish and choose to join SSC CREW to have a great experience and have the opportunity to feel what its like to be a top player again in mythic content, to make my play interesting again and have fun. And mostly and priority to meet and share experiences in the future or from the past to other people from other countries that urge the same things from this game as i do aswell.

Finally, is there anything you would like to add? Anything you feel we should know to aid us in our decision?

I would like to add that i am a Harley Davidson Enthusiast and mechanic, have an epic beard as doesn't only grow it develops like love ;p haha! Cheers and thanks for reading this app Happy if anything is not clear just pm me!!!



I vote yes
Accepted for a trial.
Whisper Blinkkxo. Tej, Korppa or Caozlol
Next trial raid is wednesday, welcome to join then of before hand.
Welcome and goodluck
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