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Submitted on: Oct 26, 2016 at 04:50 PM
Race and Class
Orc Warrior






Advanced Armory Link of the Character you are applying with
A picture of your UI in a RAID enviroment
Do you have a working Microphone? ( Can you communicate well in English when needed)

Yes and i can speak english well

Releavent past raiding experience

I start playing in vanilla but my first raid was in Tbc
Tbc bt 9/9 sw 2/6
Wotlk 12/12
Cata 8/8
Mop 14/14
Wod 13/13
Nl 2/7

Previous Guilds and why did you leave them

Tbc t6 I was in A Necessary Evil
Wotlk t10 I was in Cruor Letum Caedo/Project Apocalypse
Cata til the end of wod i raided in After Hours I become gm in t18 the guild disbanded and I moved to dreanor server to join tg gaming but it was too hardcore so I left and joined once again whit other players from After Hours.

What would you think your attendance % will be


Why did you choose SSC CREW?

Your guild has good progress and I've heard many good things about ssc crew I choose this guild because I think I'll feel better in this guild than in my current one guild where I am right now

Finally, is there anything you would like to add? Anything you feel we should know to aid us in our decision?

Consider this application as a backup player


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You have been accepted as social. You can join hc runs, mythic dungeons etc and fill spot in mythic EN if needed.
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