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Submitted on: Nov 03, 2016 at 05:45 AM
Race and Class
Troll Hunter





huddersfield, United kingdom

Advanced Armory Link of the Character you are applying with
A picture of your UI in a RAID enviroment
Link to your Recent Warcraft Logs

sorry i dont have any adds recently but i can do 300-400k + depends on the fight

Do you have a working Microphone? ( Can you communicate well in English when needed)


Releavent past raiding experience

7/7 hc

3/7 mythic and 30 % on cenarious

10/10 kara

Previous Guilds and why did you leave them

infusion i was a trial for 2 weeks and was not giving soo much chance last 2 weeks i was bench it was too busy we had like 10 ppl benching ..... they were full and i realized there is no room for me even tho they was not telling me but u know sometimes u can guess u got no use and no1 cares for u ... and i got to that point which i deleted my char and was gonna quit wow but my friend MERLINL the new mage u got recently suggested me here

What would you think your attendance % will be

100 % for raid time ofc and if needed 1-2 extra day for progress day

Why did you choose SSC CREW?

my friend merlinl recently joined ur guild suggested me to apply here since we have good company together i feel like to progress together

Finally, is there anything you would like to add? Anything you feel we should know to aid us in our decision?

would be good if i get a chance to prove myself u wont regret it im a hardcore player who spam mythic + and dugenons 24/7 to improve my performance during raids ... like me and MERLINL are playing mostly together 24/7 at night till morning


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We have decided to rejecet your application.

Good luck!
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