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Niphera - Stormscale Horde EU

Submitted on: Nov 05, 2016 at 11:28 PM
Race and Class
Orc Warrior

Bogdan Perin





Advanced Armory Link of the Character you are applying with
A picture of your UI in a RAID enviroment
Do you have a working Microphone? ( Can you communicate well in English when needed)

Yes I have an working microphone and I can use any voice communication (TS/Discord etc). Been playing on Outland Alliance for 8 years so my English is quite decent.

Releavent past raiding experience

Vanilla: No experience.
TBC: No experience.
WotLK: Naxxramas - 10/25 Cleared ~ The Immortal
Ulduar - 10/25 Cleared
Icecrown Citadel - 10/25 Cleared
Trial of the Crusader - 10/25 Cleared ~ A Tribute to Insanity(10men)
Cata: Blackwing Descent - 10/25 Cleared
The Bastion of Twilight 10/25 Cleared
Firelands - 10/25 Cleared
Dragon Soul - 10/25 Cleared
MoP: Mogu'shan Vaults - 10/25 Cleared
Heart of Fear - 10/25 Cleared
Terrace of Endless Spring - 10/25 Cleared
Throne of Thunder - 10/25 Cleared
Siege of Orgrimmar - 10/25 Cleared
WoD: Havent really raid this expansion because I simply didnt like it so I focused more on PvP.
Legion: 7/7 HC - 1/7M
Highest M+ Achieved: +11 Eye of Azshara with pug.

Previous Guilds and why did you leave them

With Legion coming me and other few friends decided to create a PvP guild, with the time passing some of us wanted to focus on PvE so we thinked about creating a Core Roster for our guild progression but we had difficulties to find players considering our guild is on a PvP server Stormscale Horde. Today some of us who want to PvE are looking for a new home, this is why I am applying here today.

I've never really been hardcore Pveing, been clearing most of the content with friends. But I can you give some names of the top PvE guilds ive been in: "Union, Nightwatchers, Sinisters, Xeon - Outland(Alliance)" considering Ive been playing on Outland Alliance since I started playing WoW in 2008 as Warrior. With Legion coming I decided to switch to horde side since some of my friends migrated aswell. My oldest warrior:

What would you think your attendance % will be

99%. 1% for special occasions.

Why did you choose SSC CREW?

Been searching for a PvE guild on Kazzak considering Kazzak is one of the top Pve Progress Server on EU.

By joining SSC Crew guild I expect making new friends with who I can progress and have fun with.

Finally, is there anything you would like to add? Anything you feel we should know to aid us in our decision?

Im a very patient person and I always give my best in what Im doing either in real life or in-game. Im an open minded person, I can adapt quickly and have a sense of responsibility and organization.

Here is my battletag: Nemesis#25122. You can also contact me in-game on either my warrior Niphera-Stormscale Horde or my alt mage Suspicious-Stormscale Horde, those are the characters Im playing actively right now.


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