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Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Jun 05, 2019 at 09:07 PM
Race and Class
Zandalari Monk
Main Spec








Advanced Armory Link of the Character you are applying with
A picture of your UI in a RAID enviroment
Do you have a working Microphone? ( Can you communicate well in English when needed)

Yes and YES

Releavent past raiding experience

I started hardcore raiding in this exp. But i have been playing since TBC.
I have really been dedicated this exp i feel like and i have more to go on. WAY more.

Previous Guilds and why did you leave them

The guilds i have been in are; Imagine Burgerflipprs, Aurora Nox, Envy.
I would love to find myself a stable guild, i have swapped way to much now cause people are leaving and are not enjoying the game - while i actually am.

The reasons i left are because not enough raiders, people not showing up, people not enjoying content.

What would you think your attendance % will be


Why did you choose SSC CREW?

I have been hearing alot of good things about this guild and i am currently looking for a stable guild that push the ladder. I really just want to find myself a stable guild with a strong core of players who wants the same goal.

Finally, is there anything you would like to add? Anything you feel we should know to aid us in our decision?

My dream is to become on of the top monks in EU. I think you guys can help me achieve it.

I am a funny, dedicated healer who love to get people to smile.
i like extreme sports on my spare time, and hang around with family (in game and out

I can play whatever healing class you guys want me to play but i do favorise my main class MW.
If you guys feel like a priest or whatever is needed i will gladly play it.

you can ALWAYS expect dedication and attendance from me.

Thank for reading and i hope for a positive feedback.




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